PetExec's Golden Paw Training

Golden Paw Coaching is a paid program, but the 1:1 interaction via a phone call and screen sharing really speeds up the learning curve. They use your system during the sessions and can cover whatever PetExec features you are interested in. They check your set-up, give you suggestions on best practices, and much more. It really is the fastest way to learn the system.

 Click for more details on our Golden Paw Coaching.

Golden Paw Coaching sign up can be found by going to Company Preferences -> Maintain Company Info -> Purchase Add-Ons. Here is a document explaining these steps: Purchasing Add Ons A coach should be in contact with you shortly after purchasing. If you have questions about the sessions, send our coaches an email to

Last Modified: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 10:43 AM