Maintain Owner Advisories

To Maintain Owner Advisories begin in the PetExec menu-->company preferences-->misc. settings-->maintain owner advisories.

1.  Enter the Advisory name, color and select an icon.  Click Add Advisory to save.

2. Click Edit to modify an existing advisory to add a color and icon if desired.

3. Click to Delete an advisory.  If advisories are deleted, you will no longer have access to the list of owners who had that advisory assigned.  You can access of list of owners and assigned advisories from Reports-->Owner & Pet Reports->Owner Advisory Report.

Owner advisories can be added to the owner record when adding or modifying an owner.  Owners can be assigned multiple owner advisories.


There are two options for displaying Owner Advisories:

Option 1: Display the default  icon.  Hovering over it will show the individual icon(s) for an owner.

Option 2: “Enable custom owner advisory icons” in company preferences-->application preference-->miscellaneous.  When selected, individual icons will be displayed for each owner advisory instead of the single default icon.  With this option you can see all the advisories without hovering over them. Hovering over an icon will show the advisory name.

When checking this preference, each advisory must have an icon and color identified.  If you have existing advisories with no icon/color, click edit to add icons and colors.  When selecting an icon you can search to find applicable icons:

Last Modified: Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 06:33 PM