Maintain Holiday Boarding Dates

Holiday Boarding dates are dates in which you charge a different rate for boarding due to the holiday.  To add and maintain holiday boarding dates begin in the PetExec menu; Company Preferences-->Maintain Holiday Boarding Dates.

  1. Add the holiday dates. You can select a selected date, custom repeating or selected days during date range.
  2. Check the "Rebuild future boardings" box if you would like any future boarding reservations to be "recalculated" based on the dates added/modified.  Depending on the number of reservations that need to be modified, the system may take some time to process these changes. 
    ​Note: Rebuilding a boarding will return the information in the Daily Details page to the default services/pricing/kennels. (The default services are in the Boarding Services section of the Modify Boarding Schedule page and the default kennel is located in the Boarding Pets page.) It may also change the appointment dates for grooming and/or scheduled services depending on preference setting. (The relevant preferences are Automatically Change Grooming Date​ & Automatically Change Scheduled Service Date​)
  3. Click add holidays.
  4. Existing dates can be modified and deleted.

When you add a boarding product or service you have the option to set the Holiday Boarding Price. They system will use this rate on the days entered above.


Last Modified: Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 11:10 AM