Maintain Hours of Operation

To set up and maintain your Hours of Operation from the PetExec Menu go to Company Preferences-->Maintain Hours of Operation and  Company Preferences-->Hours of Operation Calendar.

  • For additional details on how Maintain Hours of Operation and Hours of Operation Calendar work, please see the PDF on this feature.
  • Hours of Operation and the corresponding hours of operation calendar are used together to define your hours of operation for your boarding, daycare, grooming and scheduled services.  Events are created to control scheduling these services only during these hours of operation.
  • This feature is helpful if you have owners scheduling daycare, boarding or grooming.  This hours of operation calendar will prevent them from scheduling an appointment when you are not open.
  • It is also helpful if you have specific hours for boarding drop off/pick up or grooming for example, and your employees struggle with scheduling only during those hours.  This hours of operation calendar will only allow scheduling appointments during the hours of operation you enter here.

Begin by creating an event in the Maintain Hours of Operation page to define your hours of operation for each of the modules.

  1. Select the calendar type for which you want to set the hours of operation.
  2. Select the date type:  Events entered should not be onetime events, but rather your reoccurring hours of operation.  Once the reoccurring events are entered you can update specific days through the calendar.  We recommend using the selected dates during date range option.
  3. Start Date and End Date:  You can enter your hours of operation for 1-2 years.  Events can always be deleted or modified. Pick the days of the week for which you are entering the hours of operation.
  4. Select the Time Range.
  5. Click Add Event
  6. Once events have been entered you can see them at the bottom of the screen. There are links to edit or delete.‚ÄčNote:  If you have two different times on one day (Saturday in the above example) enter a unique event for the am hours and a unique event for the pm hours. 

You can also see these events displayed on your hours of operation calendar:

Once you have entered your hours or operation, you can then modify specific instances in which those hours change. 

            For example: Daycare is only open Friday 1/22 from 7 am - 4 pm. 

Click on the Yellow Block for the Daycare schedule on Friday 1/22  (See arrow in above calendar)

Once you click on the event in the calendar view, you can modify that event, which will change those hours of operation for that day for that module:

Boarding Closed Option:

  • Use the Boarding Closed to specify when you do not want to schedule any boarding reservations, drop-off or pickups.  We recommend you only use this option to specify when you do not want any pets in your building, not to close your drop off pick up times.  For example, you close your business to any pets for vacation, cleaning , construction etc.
  • If you create  a boarding closed event on your calendar, you will not be able to schedule any boardings that would overlap that closure. 
  • The boarding closed option should NOT be used for a holiday closure that would effect pet pick up /drop off

In order to restrict your hours of operation for holidays follow the following steps:

  • Once your regular hours of operation have been added to the system (Step 1 above), update the specific holidays in which your hours of operation will change.
  • For Example: You do not allow pet drop off or pick up on July 4th.  However, you will have pets in your building boarding on 7/3, 7/4, and 7/5.
  • Go to the calendar view for the week of 7/4 and Click on the green boarding schedule on 7/4.

Confirm the correct day is selected and click "delete event". 

You now do not have "hours of operation" on 7/4 for boarding.  However , you can still schedule a boarding reservation that includes pets staying on 7/4.  PetExec will not allow you to schedule a drop off or pick up on 7/4 because you do not have any hours of operation listed for that day.

Additional Notes:

  • Onetime events are not listed in the reoccurring event table but are listed on the hours of operation calendar, and can be modified or deleted by clicking on the event from the calendar. Rather than create a onetime event, you should modify the existing hours of operation for the date and service in question.
  • If you choose not to enter your hours of operation in the Maintain Hours of Operation area, PetExec will use the opening time and closing time in company preferences-->maintain company information for all modules (boarding, grooming, daycare, and scheduled services).  If this is the case, PetExec will allow you to schedule drop off, pickups, grooming appointments anytime during these hours of operation.
  • If no future dates are defined when scheduling a service, the system assumes it is available for scheduling.  We recommend you set this up for a few years at a time.  You can always edit the event and extend the dates when needed.  Once events are created, each day becomes a separate event that you can change as needed.


Last Modified: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 09:05 PM