Maintain Report Card

This documentation covers how to set up and  maintain a report card template.  For additional steps and details on using report cards see the PDF related to Report Card Functionality.

To maintain report card template begin in the PetExec menu; Company Preferences-->Maintain Report Card.

Template overview:
1) Dynamic replacement values are the variable you can use. When a report card is created, these fields will be replaced with the actual information they represent.
2) The sections are the areas you plan to include in your report card. You can use up to 10 sections. These are typically followed by a response which is the information you fill out when you complete a report card.
3) You can customize your heading with personal images or by using the existing dynamic replacement values.
4) The content section is where you specify which sections and responses you want included. Notice in our example that each __SECTION1__ dynamic replacement value has a matching __RESPONSE1__ dynamic replacement value. The __RESPONSE1__ is the value entered when the report card is actually created for a pet. You can add any other formatting you want here.For example any text you would like on all report cards, you can include the pet’s picture here instead of in the header, you can add your own images, etc. The possibilities are endless, so have fun making it your own!
5) You can choose to add a footer. Again, get your creative juices flowing and have fun designing the look you want.
6) Click the Update button to save your changes. Then click on the Preview link to see your newly created template. Remember that your preview will only show the template and will not display anything where the __RESPONSE1__ value would reside.


Last Modified: Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 12:14 PM