Maintain Contracts

To add or update your contracts/agreements begin in the PetExec menu; Company Preferences-->Communication Settings-->Maintain Agreements.

There is the option to have up to three contracts/agreements in PetExec.

  1. Enter title for the contract.  This will be the name of that contract, it will be displayed in the owner menu, the owner portal, and in the contract section in the owner record/modify owner.
  2. Enter the contract description.  This is a brief description of the document.
  3. Enter the contract details.  These are the details of your contract/agreement.  Unless printed and signed, this section is not designed to be responsive, fill in the blank, or allow for initials or signatures. The contracts/agreements when presented in the owner portal are designed for customers to read and sign.  You can include a link to a document or an image in the details or description section.
  4. Marking an agreement active will show that agreement in the owner menu and in the owner record.  This active checkbox allows you to choose how many of the three agreements you want to use for your business.
  5. Show to owner allows your owner to view that agreement in the owner portal when logged in.
  6. Click to preview the contract.  When changes are made click the Update Contracts button at the bottom of the screen to save those changes, then click preview to view the changes.

You cannot upload an agreement.  Contract description and details must be copy and pasted or typed into those sections.

If you require your owners to sign a boarding specific agreement prior to scheduling a boarding, use Contract #2 for that agreement.  Within the application preferences, there is the option to require your customers sign this Contract #2 before a  boarding can be scheduled for that owner.  This application preference only works with the Contract #2.

There are two options for owners signing agreements entered here:

Option 1: Preview and then print to have your owners sign a hard copy of the agreement.

Option 2: Enable agreements for your owners to be able to view and sign agreements from the owner portal.  Owners must have a valid username and password for the owner portal, and they must be logged into the owner portal to view and sign the agreements electronically.

Within Application Preferences you have the following options:

Enable owner contracts will allow your owners to view and electronically sign the contracts you have entered in the steps above.

The Force Owners to Sign options directs owners, upon login, to sign the contracts/agreements before they can take any other action in the owner portal.   If force owners options are selected Enable Owner Contracts should also be selected.

Click for details on how the contracts are displayed in the owner menu.

Click for an overview of the Owner Portal

 Click for step by step instructions on linking documents to agreements.

Last Modified: Sunday, August 15, 2021 at 01:18 PM