Maintain Company Info

Most of the information in the Company Preferences -> Maintain Company Info section is self explanatory, but there are some areas we'd like to point out.  Fields with the "*" are required.  The demographic information that you enter for your company (name, address, phone numbers, email, domain) can be used in your email content and email blasts.

  1. Maintain Billing Credit Card  - PetExec provides an easy and secure way to update the credit information used for monthly billing by PetExec.  Simply click on the "Maintain Billing Credit Card link in the Maintain Company Info Screen and fill out the form.  Click on the "Update Information " button to submit the updated information to PetExec.  For your convenience a synopsis of the stored information is displayed above the form.
  2. Money Format - Choose your currency to display the correct monetary symbol through the system.
  3. Session Time Out - Controls how long the system can stay dormant before it will "timeout" and require you to log back in. 
  4. Web Cam, Web Cam URL, Web Cam Name - Check the Web Cam box if you would like the link to your web cameras to appear on your PetExec menu.  Enter the URL address where the webcams are housed.  Enter the name for your webcam, this name will appear on your menu as the link to the webcams.
  5. Opening Time, Close Time - Enter the hours that you would like to have appear in the drop down boxes when scheduling appointments.  You will not be able to schedule appointments earlier or later than the times you have listed here. If you communicate your business hours to your owners, but sometimes schedule services before or after those hours, enter the scheduling hours of operation here.
  6. Maximum In House - The maximum number of pets that you want to have in boarding and daycare for tracking the In-House Percent Full value on the dashboard indicators.  This number will be displayed on the In-House Occupancy section of the dashboard screen.  It will give a snapshot of the capacity. This is for indicator/informational purposes only. (PetExec does not limit occupancy levels based on this field.)
  7. Receipt Tag Line -  A one line tagline that will show up when printing customer receipts.
  8. Owner Message - Message that will appear on the Owner's Dashboard when they log in.  That should be a generic message as it will appear for all owners.  See the PDF related to Owner Log in for more information on setting up that feature.
  9. Update - Click to update the system and save your changes.


Last Modified: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 09:04 PM