PetExec 3.0 Initial Set Up


STEP 1: Adding the new "Main Dashboard" and "Menu Options" to your carousel.


Go to Company Preferences -> Maintain Dashboard to set up Dashboard changes - We recommend that you add the new "Main Dashboard" as the highest and default module, then “Menu Options”, which gives you quick access to the menu and is search-able.  The items will appear from left to right on the menu carousel, based on their order here.  For example, "Main Dashboard", will be the first button on your menu carousel. Select the order by dragging and dropping.  This will order the dashboard buttons across the top of your screen.




STEP 2: Changes in Application Preferences

​​Set up preferences in Company Preferences -> Application Preferences.  There are several new preferences including:

  • Disable Owner Information in Receipts - When selected, will not show owner name and address information in receipts.

Company Preferences-->application preferences-->order processing:

  • Automatic Sign-In - When selected, will set the checkbox in the "Daycare Quick Check-in" screen when quickly signing in a single pet.  This will automatically use any available package and the default daycare type (defined by sort order).  Unchecked, it will simply redirect to the sign-in page to manually select options.

Company Preferences-->application preferences-->daycare:

  • Add Pet Notes to Scheduled Daycare PDFs - When selected, will add notes of type "Daycare" to the Scheduled Daycare PDFs/Incoming scheduled daycare list.

Company Preferences-->application preferences-->daycare:

  • Disable Owner Scheduling if Vaccinations are Expired - When selected, owners will not be allowed to schedule Daycare or Boarding if any of the REQUIRED vaccinations are set to expire on or before the scheduled date(s).

Company Preferences-->application preferences-->customer settings:

  • Require Pet Vaccination Dates - When selected, will require a date be entered into the pet vaccination fields.  Unselected, dates can be left blank. 

Company Preferences-->application preferences-->miscellaneous:


Modify your Employee Type to add the new features included in PetExec 3.0 to your employee type, and the appropriate user types for your business.

*NOTE: if you do not see new features in your PetExec menu, then you need to go through these steps to add them. PetExec support does not automatically enable the new features, but allows you to manage your preferences and settings.

Start in the main menu-->employees-->maintain employee types.

From there select the employee type you wish to modify and select "edit". 

From the "modify employee type screen", click on the "modify employee type" button, this will allow you to add the new features to the employee type.

Any employees with that employee type will then have access to the new features.

Daycare Quick Check-in: Will enable the day care quick check in feature and make it accessible.  The application preferences defined above will control how it is used.

Maintain Owner Advisories: Will allow you to set owner advisories.  Similar to pet advisories, but these exist at the owner lever, and are NOT available for owners to see/modify via their owner login (if enabled).


Last Modified: Saturday, January 09, 2016 at 06:07 AM