Modify Existing Pet

Modify Existing Pet

To modify a pet's information go the right side menu under owners & pets--> modify pet.  You can search for a pet by first name, last name, or email address. 

 There are several options available within the search results.

  1. Click on the pet name to see a list of menu options for that pet.
  2. If a pet advisory exists for a pet, hover over the yellow triangle to see the details.
  3. Click on the owner name to see a list of menu options for that owner.
  4. If a photo is available for a pet, hover over the dog icon to see the photo.*See below to details on how to add a pet photo.
  5. Click delete to mark the pet as deleted.  This will mark the pet as deleted, but for historical purposes, all past transactions will still be available.
  6. Click select to open the details for that pet.

You can also access the modify pet screen from several areas within the system where you see a link to the pet (i.e. daycare or boarding dashboard).From the pet link you will see the menu option to "modify pet".

Once you click on the "select" button, you are presented with the Modify Pet screen.  Besides the form itself, this page also includes:

Recent Information/Photo

Daycare and boarding history.  If the pet has stayed for daycare or boarding, clicking on the number of stays will take you to that history.

Uploading an image for a pet involves selecting the image from your computer and clicking the “Upload Picture” button. The picture is automatically inserted into the system, and a thumbnail is generated. Please be certain that the size of the picture corresponds to the systemʼs pre-set ratio, 320x240, 640x480, 1280x960, etc.; otherwise, the image will be misshapen.  Once the process is complete, the newly uploaded image should display as the current photo.

Convenient links to other areas of PetExec

  1. ​Schedule a grooming- Schedule a new grooming appointment for this pet.
  2. Grooming History - See a history of any grooming appointments for this pet.
  3. Schedule Day Care - Schedule this pet, or any other pets from this same owner for daycare.
  4. Maintain Scheduled Day Cares - See a list of any other scheduled daycares for this pet.
  5. Schedule Boarding - Schedule this pet, or any other pets from this same owner for boarding.
  6. Scheduled Service - Schedule this pet for any scheduled services.
  7. Create a Report Card - Will allow you to create a report card specific for this pet. Set up your initial report card format on the right side menu under company preferences-->Maintain Report Card.
  8. Sign-in to Day Care - Will allow you to sign this pet, or any other pets from this owner into day care.

Pet Notes: Pet notes can be added for a specific area of the system, and they will only show in that area of the system.  Behavioral notes will be available throughout the entire system.  The color coding of the notes can be added at your discretion.


Click Modify pet to save any changes.

You can then select to "return to dashboard" or "return to owner".



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