Modify Existing Owner

Modify Existing Owner
To modify an owner's information go the right side menu under owners & pets--> modify owner.  You can search for an owner by first name, last name, phone numbers or email address.  You also use this menu item to bring up an owner's account to query information.

​There are several options available within the search results.  

  1. Click on the owner name to see a list of menu options for that owner.
  2. Click on the pet name to see a list of menu options for that pet.
  3. Click on resend to resend the New Owner Email.
  4. Click on the number under "number of files" to go to that file(s).
  5. Click delete to mark the owner as deleted.
  6. Click select to open the details for that owner.

You can also access the modify owner screen from several areas within the system where you see a link to the owner (i.e. day care or boarding dashboard).From the owner link you will see the menu option to "modify owner".

Note:  Owners and pets are never really deleted, only marked inactive.  They will show up on historical searches in the reports and billing.  There is also an option to "undelete" them.

Once you click on the "select" button, you are presented with the Modify Owner screen.  Besides the form itself, this page also includes the following sections:

Quick Links:​

  1. Owner Pre- Payment - Take a payment, prepayment, credit account, or a balance adjustment to an owner's account.
  2. Owner Purchase - Complete a purchase for an owner.  For example, purchase a retail item or day care or boarding package without checking a pet out of a service.
  3. Purchase History - Manage all orders for an owner.
  4. Unbalanced Orders - Manage orders that are unbalanced since the last time the account had a $0.00 balance. Click on an Order ID to view the detail of the selected order
  5. Boarding History - View all prior boardings by an owner.
  6. Future Services - Manage all future Boarding, Grooming, Scheduled Services, Scheduled Day Care and recent / future Training.
  7. Packages -  Manage Day Care and Boarding Packages belonging to the owner for the last twelve months and active packages.
  8. File Uploads - Upload, view and delete documents for an owner.
  9. Credit Cards - View and manage stored credit card information for an owner.
  10. Custom Pricing - Add custom pricing for an Owner for any of your existing products and services.
  11. Owner Notes - Notes added here will show during check-out.  There is also the option to add a note for owner to see when using their owner log in.
  12. Email Owner - Write and send an email to your owner.  Email will be sent the address that exists in the owner record below.​​

​Recent Orders:

  1. Date added is the date the owner was add to your PetExec system.
  2. Last Order shows the last order in the system. You can click to modify that order or to access the receipt.

​Owner Info/Contact Info/Other:

  1. Owner Advisory. Owner advisories can be added in company preferences-->maintain owner advisories.  Once added there, you can select the appropriate owner advisory. You can associate one advisory per owner.
  2. You can select which phone number you prefer to use for SMS Texting.  Simply click on the phone number link where it appears in the dashboard to send a SMS text message.
  3. How Did you Find Us - See our documentation on Maintain How Heard for information on customizing the list.

Contracts/Tax Exemption/Owner Discount:

  1. Signed Contract - Click the box to indicate if an owner as read/signed your contract.  If this preference is enabled for your customers via their owner log in you will see the date that they electronically signed you owner agreement here as well.
  2. Signed Boarding Agreement - Functions the same as the Signed Contract.
  3. Tax Exemption- Click on the box to make ALL purchases for an owner tax exempt.
  4. Percentage Discount - Enter the percentage discount you will to apply to this owner's account.  This discount will be applied to ALL purchase. 

Email Settings:

Toggle all or click on the specific email that you wish to disable for that owner.  If an customer selects to "unsubscribe" from your emails, the email preference will be updated here in the system automatically.

​Primary Credit Card:

The primary credit card information will be displayed.  For security purposes, the full credit card number will not be displayed.

Once you have entered all the owner data, click Update Information to save changes. 

A list of the owner's pets is also available from this screen.  This list includes all pets, even if they are inactive.

  1. Clicking on the notes link will allow you to add a pet note.
  2. Clicking on the modify button for a pet will bring you to that pet record. 
  3. Click to deactivate a pet from an owner's record. You can reactivate a pet here or deactivate any active pets.  Inactivated pets show up in RED. 
  4. A button to add new pets to the owner record.​​​

A history of the owner's log ins to your PetExec system. **Note owners cannot log in to the system unless you provide them with a user name and password.

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