Add Employee Type

Begin in the PetExec menu under Employees-->Add Employee Type.

Employee Types are a way to customize your employee’s accounts and PetExec system access. Here you can customize what menu items are visible and the order in which they are displayed. Simply name the employee type, drag and drop the menu items into the Associated Menu Items area, and click the Add Employee Type button to save the profile. Remember to order the Associated Menu Items using the same drag and drop method.

After you click the  button, you will have the option to customize sub-menu items. In the example below, the employee type will not have the "Add Breed" menu item below the Pet Breeds menu section.

Note: The menu items listed here correspond to the menu items in the PetExec menu. If you do not select a menu item for an employee type, that employee type will not see that menu item in their PetExec menu.  In the example above an employee with this employee type will not see the "Add Breed" menu option in their PetExec menu.

Last Modified: Tuesday, July 05, 2016 at 01:07 PM