Add Employee

Begin in the PetExec menu under Employees-->Add Employee.

Fill out the "Add Employee" form to add an account for an employee.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required. Some key fields are described below.

  1. Employee type determines the employee’s menu items. The Associated Menu Items section at the bottom will display these items for your convenience. Employee types must be added via the menu-->Employees-->Add Employee Type before they can be selected here.  Please reference our Employee Type documentation for more details. 
  2. Each employee can be given a specific Look & Feel template. It’s an easy way for employees to identify if they are using the correct account. By default the one selected by the company is used.
  3. The highlight colors are visible in the grooming and timecard calendars.
  4. Checking the Groomer box will include that employee in the "groomer" field when scheduling grooming appointments and will allow you to assign grooming appointments to the employee.
  5. A Grooming Commission percentage can be assigned to an employee. The Grooming Commission Report uses this percentage to calculate groomer commissions over a date range.
  6. Enter Username, password, and password (again) to create a unique login for each employee. PetExec recommends that each employee use a unique username and password to log into the system.
  7. Email address entered for an employee will be used with the Employee Notification feature.  This is the email address where the email notifications will be delivered.
  8. Cell phone entered for an employee will be used with the Employee Notification feature.  This is the number with the SMS notifications will be delivered.
  9. You have the option to restrict employee logins to certain hours of the day. (This check is only made at login.)

  10.  Restrict by IP address gives you the option to restrict login to only the IP address you have entered in PetExec.  Click here for more details: Maintain Allowed IPs

  11. Allow Override will allow this employee to utilize the override feature.  Click here for more details: Override Functionality.

  12. Use Google 2FA Authenticator requires an employee have two different authentication factors when logging in.  Click here for more details: Two Factor Authentication.

  13. Click the Create Account button to save.

Last Modified: Friday, October 25, 2019 at 10:56 AM