Add a New Pet

A new pet can be added from many areas of the system; the bottom of the Add or Modify Owner pages or via the owner or pet menus available from the dashboard, or via the menu on the right under "Owners & Pets-->add a new pet".  When adding via the PetExec menu, search for the owner by typing in the owner's first name, last name, or email address.  

**Note that the owner must be added before associated pets can be added.


Click Search to see a list of existing pets for the selected owner.  Click on the select button to add a new pet to this owner.

​To add a new pet to the selected owner, fill out the form.  Fields with an * are required.  While most fields are self explanatory, there are a few noted with some additional information:

Pet Information:

  1. Once the Pet Type is Selected, the corresponding breed list will be available, based on the pet type.  Your breed list can be updated via the PetExec menu-->Pet Breeds-->Add Breed.
  2. Pet Birth Date can become a required field if you check the appropriate preference under Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Miscellaneous.  Based on the birth date entered, PetExec will calculate and display the pets age throughout the system.
  3. Anniversary Date is an informational field for recording the adoption date of a pet if an actual birth date is unknown.
  4. Passed Tempt test can be checked if a dog has passed temp testing.  There is a preference under Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Customer Settings to not allow owners to schedule day care or boarding via their Owner Log in if this field is not checked.  **Note owners will be unable to log in to the system until you provide them with a user name and password.

Behavioral Advisories:

If selected for a pet, these will show on most of dashboards when scheduling a pet.  Additional behavioral advisories can be added under Company Preferences-->Maintain Pet Advisories.

Allowed Play Areas:

If selected for a pet, when signed into day care, you will see those pets under the Play Areas menu.  Play Areas themselves, can be added and maintained from the right side menu under Play Areas.

Boarding Preferences:

The preferences indicated here will be available when scheduling a boarding.  The feeding times indicated below will create to-do items for boarding and day care.  In addition, you will see any feeding instructions entered for AM, Lunch, and PM.  If there is no feeding preference selected for a pet, they will not show up on the feeding to-do list for day care or boarding. 

Medical Preferences:

The preferences indicated here will be available when scheduled a boarding.  The medication times indicated below will create to-do items for boarding.  In addition you will see the medication details entered for AM, Lunch, and PM. 

​Vet Information:

  1. If you are entering a Vet that is not currently in your system, select "Unlisted. Add to List", enter the Vet information, and this Vet will be added to your Vet list.  Vet information is required when adding a pet. If the Pet's vet is unknown, we suggest adding "Unknown Vet" to your system.  This will allow you to select that vet so you can continue to add the pet record.  You can then go back later and update the vet information.
  2. The Emergency Phone number for a vet is the phone number that will appear on the PDF version of the score cards for Pets.  


Enter the Expiration Date for the Pet's Vaccinations.  Vaccination types can be managed under the right side menu, Vaccinations-->Add Vaccination Type and Maintain Vaccination Types.  To require vaccination dates be entered, go to Company Preferences-->Application Preferences-->Miscellaneous-->Require Pet Vaccination Dates.

Once you have entered all the Pet Data, click the" Add Pet" Button to save changes.  Once clicked, you will see th Pet listed under Existing Pets below. 

Existing Pets:

At the bottom of the Add a Pet screen you will see the existing pets for that Owner.  If you click on the Pet Name you will see a list of available menu options for that pet.

Last Modified: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 12:14 PM