Add New Owner

The "Add a New Owner" section is used add a new pet owner to the system. Depending on the selected options in the Maintain Company Information -> Application Preferences section, credit card information and/or email address may or may not be required.  You cannot leave required fields blank and successfully save an owner record.  All required fields must have an alpha/numeric value to successfully add the owner record. For example, if you don't have Emergency Contact or Emergency Contact phone use "update" or "n/a" in those fields. This will allow you to successfully add that owner and go back later and update that information.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but there are a few items that require further description.  

  1. Username/Password/Password Again.  The username name assigned here will be used by your owners to access the PetExec Owner Portal/Mobile App.  If you would like to create a username and password when you add an owner you can do so.  If not, you can skip these three fields and add an owner without creating a username/password.  PetExec can also assign usernames and passwords to all of your owners with email  addresses. This is a great way to update this field for all your owners at some point in the future.  Email to have this completed.
  2. Owner Advisory. Owner advisories and icons can be added in company preferences-->maintain owner advisories.  Once added there, you can select the appropriate owner advisory.  You can select multiple advisories per owner record.

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  1. Automated emails coming from your PetExec system will go the primary email and additional email addresses.  You can enter multiple additional email addresses, separated by commas, in the additional email address field.  You can successfully add an owner with a known bad email address in the email address field; however it will be flagged and the communication settings for emails will be unchecked.
  2. Home Phone, Cell Phone and Work Phone can all be indicated to "use for SMS".  When this box is checked you will have the option to send an SMS text message to those phone numbers. 

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  1. Contracts/Tax Exempt/Owner Discount:  Signed Contract and Signed Boarding agreement can be manually checked to indicate that an owner has signed your contract and boarding agreement.  Or if you provide your owners with login access to your PetExec system they can electronically sign your contracts and boarding agreements via the Owner Portal/Mobile App. When your pet owners do this, you will see the box checked, and the date they signed will be displayed.  Please check the application preferences related to your customer settings to ensure you have this enabled for your owners.  Your contracts and boarding agreements can be maintained in PetExec as well under Company Preferences-->Maintain Agreements.
  2. The "Percent Discount" field is used to automatically set a discount at checkout.   This can be overridden at checkout, but the system will calculate the discount for you.  Note:  The "Percent Discount" field applies the discount to the entire order, not each line item of the order.  Depending on State regulations, you may have to change the actual line item prices to reflect the correct taxes.​​
  3. Paw Point Capable works in conjunction with the application preference to "Restrict Paw Points". This option allows you to restrict Paw Point acrual to only those pet owners who have this "paw point capable" selection checked.

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There are communication settings options for Email and SMS messages.

  1. Emails options here reflect the automated emails in PetExec.  When a pet owner chooses to unsubscribe from from an email the selected email will be unchecked.  We suggest leaving all email options checked when adding a pet owner, you can control which emails PetExec is automatically sending in Application Preferences-->Email - Customer.
  2. SMS options refer to the automated SMS/Text reminders that are available when your business has subscribed to the Pet Snaps Messaging option.

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  1. PetExec also allows storing the credit card information with the owner record.  When credit card details are entered here they are encrypted within the software, and you will no longer be able to view the full 16-digit account number.  You have options to require a credit card when adding a pet owner in Application Preferences.

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Last Modified: Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 03:42 PM