PetExec 3.0 New Features

A list of all new, major features included in PetExec 3.0.  See the New Functionality Aide for a description and screen shots of these features.

             New Look!

             Responsive Design!

             Globally search for owner/pets and take action from associated menus.

             Globally accessible, searchable cart for easy checkout.

             Globally accessible notifications.

             New Dashboard and Dashboard Items

             "Dashboard" - Shows overall status of all module

             "Menu Options" = All available menu options with searchable interface.

             Daycare option has a "Quick Sign-In" option.

             Daycare, Combined In-House, Grooming, Scheduled Services have searches to narrow down items

             Per-Pet Notes for daycare

             Mark a grooming and/or scheduled service as being completed, but not checked out.

             Maintain Company Info - Added ability to set the money format

             Added Email Owner function - Email owner directly from within PetExec.

             New look & feel for boarding

             Added separate med and food text areas to boarding for AM, Noon and PM

             Added Max occupancy for play area.

             Additional payment types

             Capture signature at checkout.

             Capture signature for contract/boarding agreements

             Owner advisories

             Ability to add additional email addresses for an owner

             Report card pet pictures

             Login password reset

             Dashboard Company Calendar now displays calendar instead of events.

             Logged-in timeout

             Added spellcheck to GUI text editor

             Maintain Taxes - Added two additional tax rates than can be self-defined.

             SMS Texts include “DO NOT REPLY”

--------  New Application Preferences --------

             Require Pet Vaccination Dates - When selected, will require a date be entered into the pet vaccination fields.  Unselected, dates can be left blank.

             Automatic Sign-In -  When selected, will set the checkbox in the "Daycare Quick Check-in" screen when quickly signing in a single pet.  This will automatically use any available package and the default daycare type.  Unchecked, it will simply redirect to the sign-in page to manually select options.

             Disable Owner Information in Receipts - When selected, will not show owner name and address information in receipts.

             Disable Pics in Score Cards - When selected, will not show pet pictures in the Boarding Score Cards.

--------  Application Preferences Going Away --------

             Use Classic Dashboard

             Load Notes to Default Tab

Last Modified: Friday, January 29, 2016 at 10:29 PM